IoT in commercial real estate is creating a new group of “smart” buildings.

There’s been an increase of digital sensors that monitor everything from space temperature and lifts to security cameras and access control. IoT connects sensors and devices that automate control, remotely monitor performance and collect data that enables tracing of crucial metrics.

Technology continues to restructure all aspects of commercial real estate. The evolving field of Building Analytics provides new ways for owners and operators to increase NOI and Asset Value.


Why do we do it?

Reduce energy consumption

Increase productivity

Improve building efficiency

Foster innovation

Better use of resources


How do we do it?

Helping you save money

Giving you a competitive advantage

Increasing sustainability

Predictive maintenance

Workforce/workspace optimisation


What do we do?

Smart IoT Sensors For Smart Buildings


We help real estate companies integrate Smart IoT sensors into a building’s infrastructure to collect data and provide significant improvements in building services and how we interact with them.

Combine data from sensors and equipment with powerful analytics to create a strategic facilities management plan that helps prevent underutilized space, to reduce energy use and operating costs while improving the tenant experience.

Smart, connected sensors help real estate and facilities managers monitor conditions and improve performance in commercial buildings, including hotels, office buildings, shopping malls and industrial facilities. Lightweight, mini-sensors are unobtrusive and easy to install in any environment, without requiring ongoing maintenance.


Our solution collects and aggregates data so you can gain insights into operations and service satisfaction, get advance notice of potential problems and make data-backed decisions in real-time.



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