Real time portfolio analysis

Visualize leasing trends across a portfolio, region or asset. Surface and visualize the data that enables systematic comparison of portfolio performance – based upon the KPIs that drive your business.

The need for and the pursuit of information are critical in real estate. Organizations that can gain meaningful insights from their data have an advantage over their competitors. They understand markets better. They understand their operations better. And their capital investments have more impact. The role of data and analytics in real estate is expanding. That means business intelligence (BI) is becoming more popular.

At its most basic level, business intelligence is analyzing data that is important to an organization. This usually refers to things like internal operating data and developing KPIs.

External market information can also be a part of business intelligence. A clear understanding of the landscape improves your data and analytics.

Get the big picture of your portfolio and drill down to the most essential information. Analyse the data and get quick access to review your portfolio’s performance. This can help you identify subtle shifts in the performance of your tenants, and the effectiveness of your property managers in overseeing same – before financial calamity strikes.

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