Portfolio & Asset Management

Real-time access to all your leasing and portfolio data in one centralized platform.

Manage assets and portfolios. Gain a prospective view of your assets and manage through possible changing conditions optimizing cash flows and maximizing returns. Capable of handling any local property type but with a global portfolio in mind, optimizes small portfolios and scales to manage the largest portfolio of our largest global customers.

Our main goal is to help companies discover any patterns they might be missing that can help their businesses. Either by answering specific questions, as it can also help to improve operations, increase efficiency, improve risk management, boost sales, and even improve your customer service.



Manual data collection and checking
Static output
Single layer analysis
Paper based reviews
Developed by different IT companies
Multiple disconnected platforms and systems


Automated data processing
Leading to fast, real time insights
Enabling multi-layer ad hoc analysis and spotting trends
Facilitating informed and timely decision making
Developed by Real estate experts with deep industry knowledge
One platform end to end – MS Dynamics 365 to Power BI


Example of portfolio overview



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